For thousands of years these oils have been used by various cultures for medicinal, health and beauty purposes. These healing oils are again growing rapidly in popularity,  being rediscovered and embracced by modern living. 



Marguerite Maury showed that the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream through hair follicles.


We now know that it is also absorbed through inhalation and the pours in our skin. 

In some countries (not the UK) they are also ingested.  

If you have ever enjoyed the smell of a flower or a herb - you have experienced Essential Oil.  Now try some ideas below to experience them when needed. 

Compress, steam inhalation, oil burners, vapours, massage, face creams, serums,  salt scrubs, salt soaks,  aromatherapy massage, cleaning products - get creative. The list goes on....


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Oil Burners

Add some water to the plate of the burner and light a tea-light to warm the water. Then add a few drops or combine different oils to create a unique blend that is personal and specific to your needs and aroma.  

Bath Soak

Mix a few drops of Lavender & Frankincense to a base oil such as Grapeseed oil or some sea salts and add to the bath just before you enter. The oils will be absorbed through the skin and the hot steam you breath in.

Smell can evoke memories, alert us to danger,

give us an appetite...

Use you free oil burner, when you buy 5 oils to create a warm and calming aroma or a refreshing blend that will clean the air and aid breathing during winter colds.

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