5 oils to create a fresh start to 2019

January 16, 2019

It's still early in the New Year, and for a lot of us January is still about setting and starting up all the new and good habits we want to carry on through the year. And it got me thinking. If I was to held down and made to choose just 3 of Grace Withins Essential Oils as a must have, a base to begin building on - which would I pick? A real tough one - I couldn't - so here's my 5 essential essential oils to have in your home!

I choose these because besides smelling amazing, they are really useful and beneficial to everyday living. Have these oils in your house and you will learn how and why essential oil is so important. You will begin to incorporate them into your life for illness, mood, first aid and cleaning. Not just for the beauty of their scent - but the hidden talents they behold.


1. Lavender True



A no brainer really. Lavandula augustifolia is one of the safest, most versatile oils around. Not to be confused with Lavender Spike and Lavendin which are chemically different. This oil calms and uplifts. It aids sleep and it's anti-viral and anti-septic properties will clean the air you breath. Relaxing the breath and easing bronchitis.  Making it easier to breath. Perfect for colds and flu. It helps heal insect bites, stings, burns, sunburn and wounds.  Summer and Winter seasons covered!


Lavender is also fantastic for all skin types. It promotes cell growth, and can be used for dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema issues. While massaging it it into the skin you also get the benefit of it working into the muscle. Check below for a really simple sports blend. If your feeling the stress of life, keep it in your handbag and take it out to smell when needed. It will lower blood pressure and other stress related conditions. 


Just add it to distilled water to create a mist spray that can be used to freshen the air and bed linen. Hang a fresh Lavender bag in your wardrobe to keep moths away from your clothes.  You can keep it fresh by adding drops of Lavender Essential Oil to it, to keep it topped up. Check out our lovely Lavender gift box.


2. Peppermint


If Lavender will put you to bed, Mentha piperita will get you out of it. Fresh and camphoraceous this little uplifter wakens and refreshes the mind. When the kids are back at school put a little dab on the cuff of their school shirts. It won't just just give them the push they may need through the tired patches of the day, but it will also help with learning as it improves memory and retrieval in cognitive tasks such as reading and writing that require continued focus. It also cools and calms those nervous, angry moments. 


Another great talent belonging to Peppermint is it's effectiveness within the digestive system. It relieves flatulence, indigestion and nausea. Thats why a cup of fresh peppermint tea is perfect in the morning to wake you up or after a meal to aid digestion.  


Peppermint will also decongest blocked sinuses, relieve asthma, cold and flu symptoms. As a febrifuge, it also reduces fever and encourages perspiration. Reduce inflammation and itching, cools sunburn and hot flushes. It's fantastic for aching feet and toothaches - total opposite ends of the body.


There's not a lot, not to love about Peppermint. Just don't use if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or are ADHD, as this oil is really stimulating. 


3. Lemon



Fresh and Zingie. I love fresh Lemon, and besides picking it off a tree in the Italian sun - it doesn't get fresher than the essence of the Citrus limon, which is expressed from the rind and skin. This oil can flip from stimulating your immune system to produce more white blood cells, to cleaning your kitchen and bathroom - with a load of other uses in between that. Add a drop to the water when cleaning fruit.


Lemon tonifies the blood. That means it increase the available energy of a bodily part or system. It can help improve varicose veins, lower high blood pressure and slow down external bleeding. Making this a fantastic oil for the circulatory system. It's is uplifting and stimulates the mind.


For me its also a fun oil. Just smelling it reminds me of good times with friends over refreshing cocktails


or a fabulous Limoncello after a great meal in Italy. And the Italians got it right. Lemon is a great digestive, because although it is high in citric acid, it actually has an alkalizing effect when it's digested.  Thats why everyone raves about fresh lemon and water first thing in the morning. And why your Granny probably mixed it with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to clean her tiles and oven.


Of course theres more. It's great for warts, boils, lowers temperature, protects against flu and colds... But why go on. It's already on your list - and I don't blame you! Our Lemon essential oil is from Sicily.

Say no more.


4. Eucalyptus


If you don't have Eucalyptus globulus in your home, your not prepared for war! Throw out all your chemical, petroleum based products and get yourself a 10ml bottle of Eucalyptus and see why this harshly camphoraceous, yet woody and sweet oil is a traditional household remedy in Australia today. 


Eucalyptus has a secret weapon. Cineole. And lots of it. In fact if digested, it could kill you. Only the koala bear, ring-tail possum, and a few other insects can digest the eucalyptus leaves and bark. Cineole is the main constituent of eucalyptus oil, which is why it is so great as a mucolytic agent in inflammatory airway diseases. This means it helps loosen and clear mucus from respiratory passages. Making thick mucus thinner and easier to cough up. 


It also relieves aches and pains, clears the head, clears spots, and stimulates the immune system against infection and much more.  They are now planted throughout the world with high populations of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, because they can help prevent malaria. Some countries are even looking at how they can use it to help with waste water issues.  And because they grow so fast, they are a great wood to use and replace. 


It also blends fantastically with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. Imagine what any of those combinations would do for you through out the year!


5. Tea Tree



So, like I said. I choose these oils because they will teach you in a way that is functional, why essential oils are so great for our daily living. They are clear and usable for everyday issues. I'm not saying others are not. I'm just saying these guys are clear. And usable. And once you understand them you can start looking a flowers and grasses and other herbs and trees. Which is why I want to finish of with my number 5. Tee Tree.


I've written about Tea Tree before. I love it.  It has so many uses. Like I always say, if it's not in your first aid kit - "then what is!". 


I have this oil wherever I go. It's in my handbag. Crossing customs in my little plastic-bag-allowance. Replacing hand cleaning gels, spot & acne creams, mouth wash, insect repellent. A remedy for cuts, stings, coldsores and a natural deodorant. Clean your teeth - and your toilet!  As never know!


Another Aussie oil that is up-lifting and revitalises the mind. Great for colds, flu and fever. What makes this oil slightly differently to the other oils is that it's great for the Urinary system. It can help recovery with thrush, cystitis and urinary tract infections if caught in time. It also boosts the immune system and can help shorten the time of illness by helping the body fight back. It helps the body prepare and recover from an operation, while helping the surgeons clean down the operating tables. Who doesn't want a friend like that!


Is it on your list? Why not, it should be! It's a top note!



A quick and easy everyday worktop spray clean

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup white vinegar or citrus infused white vinegar

  • 30 drops of Lemon

  • 10 drops Tea Tree


  1. Find an empty, clean spray bottle

  2. Measure out the vinegar and water and then add it to the bottle. Shake well to mix.

  3. In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix the essential oils and then add the spray bottle. Shake well to mix and then spray and wipe down worktops to keep them clean. 


The January gym bunny! A massage oil for stiff and sore muscle.


1 oz Arnica Infused Oil Infused oil or sweet almond oil

5 drops of Lavender

5 drops of Peppermint

7 drops of Eucalyptus


Tip: Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus are also great for headache. Put a few drops onto a tissue to breath in or add to your oil burner. It it's a tension headache, massage into neck and shoulders, always avoid your eyes when using these oils.


Sleep Tight


Add a couple of drops of Lavender to your bath with some grape seed oil to enhance your bed time bath.


For the Lavender spritz:

  1. Find an empty, clean spray bottle

  2. Measure out a cup of distilled water 

  3. Add 12 drops of lavender per ounce of distilled water drops.

Spray on the bed sheets or around the room to freshen and clean the air. 





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