Dark evenings, warm aromas...

October 12, 2018


Don't you love when the season change. The scarfs come out. Those knee high boots,  and when you get home a hot bath with your favourite music to combat the drop in temperature  is suddenly the best idea ever.  


So why not add the aroma and oils that complement the new temperature change and mood.


Cinnamon and Nutmeg essential oils combined with herbs, spices and the base oils that include coconut and olive oil, will give you the comfort and moisture that your skin expects in this cold weather. While exfoliating and making way for the holiday season. 


Combined, cinnamon and nutmeg create a warm soap with therapeutic actions that increase circulation and relieve aches and pains. They also stimulate digestion and increase mental focus.  


Our soaps are handmade and completely natural. They are cut and packaged by hand and so are priced individually, according to the weight. It is £12 per 100 grams and we only use recycled paper. Our aim is to be as natural and environmentally friendly as we possibly can.  With the use of essential oils, it is possible to be clean, up-lifted and kinder to the world. That's why essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils. They are 100% natural and they work to support and change you in a positive way. Fragrance oils don't. They just smell nice. When you smell something made from essential oils - your body just knows it. It's nature with nature. And when you smell this soap, you will know it is 100% natural. 


To find out more and buy our beautiful Honey & Oat Exfoliating Soap, follow this link. And let us know what you think, we would love to hear. You can contact us via Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram - @gracewithinoils





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