September 20, 2018



Autumn is here - at least according to the Pagan calendar. In the modern calendar it's not until Sept 23rd. Whatever way you see it. The days are changing. It's getting darker and the winds are blowing. 


It's days like this you light candles and corner lamps to create a warm atmosphere. One that creates comfort and carries us gently into the winter months.  Windows are closed and the colours we use evolve. Herbs and dishes change. All are about comfort and surviving the winter in the healthiest way as fellow animals on this earth. 


As we crawl into the winter months, calm, clear breathing and a great immune system is the basic aim. There are many ways to achieve this - including your choice of foods and exercise - but what we don't always take into account is smell. Aroma. Atmosphere. Natural fragrance. 


Having a natural aroma around the house can change how you feel and respond to your environment. It can warm and clean the air. Calm you and enhance your health. Products that contain pure essential oils are cleaner, have more health benefits and in the long run can be cheaper as you use less - due to their intense essence. 


For example, Frankincense and Sweet Orange is a perfect blend for the coming months. It warms and up-lifts. It enhances clear breathing and focus. It elevates you out of feeling down and cleans the air as together they are anti-septic and anti-viral. it is an ancient aroma that still feels modern and new. They continue until the Christmas season and can be blended with other oils such as Lavender True.  They are timeless and Frankincense has earned - and       deserves - the title as a "Holy Oil".  Click here to shop for these essential oils. 


They support and only add goodness to your day. No matter how you choose to use them. They will only add to your life.


They are nature. They are pure. Their job is to help you. No matter what.


You can't argue with them. If you hate them. Your not ready for them. But they will wait for you. They will always be there for you. Until one day - you will smell them - and you will get it.


You just have to listen to the notes.





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